Gold Membership is reserved for our VIP customers, however we invite you to start with a silver membership and after 3 months you can apply to be upgraded to Gold Status, the silver membership offers priority seating and access to our regular special discounts and offers?  Buy an exclusive Membership today. (Join here Рlink)

Twin Peeks Silver Membership



  • Access to our special ‚ÄúMembers only‚Äù discount offers
  • Invitations to our ‚Äústrictly members only‚Äù events.
  • Invitations to other special events i.e. harbour cruises, State of Origin, Melbourne cup
  • Regular updates and newsletters
  • 50% off your first booking ‚Äì (food and show valid only t 1st Feb to¬† 1st Nov limit 2 people per membership)
  • Exclusive Key ring


Cost:  $150.00 per 12 months

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