TWIN PEEKS TWO by Twin Peeks Sydney



Twin Peeks Two from July 2016 will be located in the heart of the City. The venue decor is playful, stylish, sexy and effortlessly cool. And filled with a fair amount of 1940s swagger.As always, Twin Peeks Two is the exact same infamous Twin Peeks format at this venue, the menu is superb and your cover charge includes a 2 course a la carte meal, 3 exotic fully choreographed shows, Twin Peeks premium lingerie waitresses, Hostess and much more. Twin Peeks Two also boasts having the highest ratio of ladies per customer than any other venue in Sydney.Twin Peeks Two is operated by the owners and staff of our signature venue in Woolloomooloo.Twin Peeks Two, runs with the exact same format, staff, and entertainers.
Conveniently located in Bligh Street Sydney 



Dinner $130 per person includes (lunches $120 per person)

Venue Hire

2 course a la carte meal MENU

3 full nude choreographed performances

Twin Peeks Lingerie Waitress

Twin Peeks Hostess (MC)

(drinks and desserts an additional cost)


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